About Glenart Trading

We are a family-owned and operated business that has been producing high-quality Christmas crackers for over 25 years. Our passion for the holiday season and attention to detail has earned us a reputation as one of the leading suppliers of crackers in the industry.

At Glenart, we believe that Christmas crackers should be more than just a fun tradition. They should be a symbol of the love, joy, and warmth that the holiday season brings. That’s why we put so much care into every aspect of our products, from the design and packaging to the gifts inside.


Green Journey

Living in Africa we understand the importance of taking care of the Environment. We enjoy our wild areas and jealously protect our amazing Heritage. We see the difference a rain shower can make and we ache every day knowing that at least three Rhinos will be killed by poachers. But we also celebrate the fact that our air is clean and our rivers sparkle, that our trees grow in wild sub-tropical abandon and bio-diversity is all around us – every day.
Our factory borders a conservation area and we are helping expand the number of trees there. Our plans to harvest rainwater to feed our own vegetables gardens and to collect grey-water to run our ablutions are exciting. They are matched by a solar panel programme to supplement and ultimately replace the power available from the National grid. Electric light saving transparent panels incorporated in the design of our facility reduce our requirements to almost nothing. Our demands on our environment are kept as low as possible.
From design to delivery our products are developed with the planet in mind. There is a constant drive to innovate, to improve, to surprise. Our packaging and display solutions are cutting edge and recycled material is at the heart of all manufacturing. Waste is minimised and re-used. Our life is green, and we are proud of it.
Glenarts green journey
Glenart ethics


You cannot live and work in Africa without being personally troubled by the inequalities and suffering that most of our people endure every day. The society we operate in is at once both optimistic and scarred. Optimistic that we shall overcome all hardships and privations. Scarred by our tortured journey towards Democracy. Our history has been a troubled one and we are faced with heartbreaking social issues all around.
These include an AIDS epidemic of gigantic proportions, a legacy of absent parents and single mothers, a backlog of service delivery that leaves people struggling to live with dignity and a huge unemployment problem that affects especially  the young.
Glenart operates in this reality.
In a small way we are helping to solve some of these problems. Our workforce is young and overwhelmingly female. The journey to work is short and most walk from their homes to the factory. The working environment is comfortable and pleasant and the remuneration good. The smiles and laughter we see convinces us that we are on the right path.